Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft mbH "WRG" (100%)

Raffineriestrasse 1
26388 Wilhelmshaven

T +49 4421 509 101

Managing director: Sven Partzsch.
Commercial contact: Gerrit Groen.

HES Wilhelmshaven is strategically located in the single deepest draft port in Germany and well connected to inland Germany by road and rail. The company is well positioned to capture trade flows requiring deep water access and benefit from demand for enhanced blending and distribution services. The large site covers a footprint of approximately 207.5 hectares. A total capacity of 682,000 m3 is heatable.  This capacity is divided over 22 tanks spread over several tank pits on the site. The facility offers the possibility of blending gasoline and fuel oil. For HES Wilhelmshaven each Customer is King!

  • Terminal in Wilhelmshaven
  • Transhipment, storage, blending and distribution of liquid bulk
  • Flexible product package covering all mineral oil products
  • Total storage capacity 1,225,000 m3  when all tanks have been converted, of which 565.000 m3 for diesel/ gas oil, 285.000 m3 for jet fuel, 200.000 m3 for fuel oil, and 175.000 m3 for gasoline
  • Individual tanks ranging in size from 1.500 to 70.000 m3 , including mixing and heating capabilities
  • Rail tracks with block train loading facilities for all products and truck loading area
  • Four jetties with drafts from 6.5 metres (for LPG/ethanol) to 17.5 metres (20 metres when dredged) for large oil vessels
  • All berths are equipped with a series of loading arms
  • ISO 9001 and 14001

Conditions of Purchase
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