Fraud and Scam Alert

We have become aware of fraudulent business propositions by people who refer to HES International group companies and/or terminals, its employees, names and logos. These fraudulent activities are commonly also referred to as ‘Storage Spoofing’, which is an umbrella term to describe all varieties of the sale of non-existent storage capacity and non-existent stocks of product at storage terminals. The targets for this type of fraud are national and multinational companies that either operate or are looking for storage facilities in port areas, as well as potential buyers of the products stored at these terminals. The products and storage capacity are offered under false pretenses and are non-existent.

In general, this type of business fraud is aimed at obtaining payment or at obtaining invoices, (counter) signed documents and/or email confirmations that could be used in fraudulent business propositions to other targets.      

Please be aware that HES International group companies and/or terminals are not involved in any business relating to Jet Fuel 54 (also referred to as ‘JT 54’ or ‘JP 54’) or the diesel product referred to as ‘D6’. Any communication and documentation purporting any transaction relating to these products is fraudulent. Furthermore, please note that the company name Favorit LLC, the accompanying website and the email addresses:, and, are not affiliated with HES International group companies and/or terminals. Any communication and documentation relating to this company and/or these addresses are fraudulent. These examples are non-exhaustive and do not exclude fraudulent activities through the use of and/or reference to other websites, company names or email addresses.

The Dutch National Cyber Security Centre has made available a list of websites that are implicated in Storage Spoofing. For more information, please access:

Warning signs

  • Email correspondence through free web-based email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, etc.
  • Unsolicited offers, often discounts/bonuses are involved.
  • Requests for up-front money payments.
  • Requests of personal and financial information, often at an early stage.
  • An insistence on urgency.
  • Business propositions relating to a short storage term.
  • Poor use of English in communications.

What to do

  • Do not engage with the original sender, nor reply to the fraudulent communication.
  • Do not respond to unsolicited offers from, nor disclose your personal or financial details to people, email addresses or social media that you do not know or trust.
  • Please contact us and contact relevant authorities.

Please be aware that we cannot accept any responsibility in case the HES International group company and/or terminal names and/or identity are used fraudulently.