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HBTT-B Facts and figures

Loaction: Botlek, Port of Rotterdam, port no. 4403, the Netherlands

Storage capacity:
31,500 cbm
Access by:
Vessel | barge | truck
Max. draft:
12.65 m
Bitumen | Bitumen blend components
Handling | storage | heating | mixing | blending
10 professionals at work
ISO 9001 | OHSAS 18001 | COPRO | Concawe / Reach | CE certified

HES Botlek Tank Terminal – Bitumen

A safe and reliable bitumen storage facility strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam with access to international trade flows. 

We provide efficient storage and handling services to the bitumen industry. Our 6  heated tanks with mixing capabilities allow customers to blend bitumen grades to the desired PEN value. Simultaneous operations provide significant levels of efficiency. The terminal is also accredited to analyse and certify bitumen grades. The 4 truck loading bays facilitate regional truck exports to the Benelux, Germany and (Northern) France. Vessels up to 35,000 mt can be handled supporting efficient regional distribution. We provide customers with the safest, most reliable and efficient blending and storage solutions in the Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp (ARA) region.

Land is available to expand the storage capacity with approximately 30,000 cbm with possibility to increase the truck (un)loading and barge/vessel handling capacity.

Bulk for Life at HBTT - Bitumen

Contributing to the world of tomorrow. That is what we do at our terminal. We are an important switch in the continuous delivery of essential building blocks for our everyday life. Take the roads we need for our transportation, for example: chances are that these products passed through our terminal en route to their final destination.

At our location, around 10 colleagues dynamically work 24/7 on matters that affect and shape our daily lives. With constant attention for the environment, sustainability, social responsibility and safety. HES. Bulk for life.

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Welcome at HBTT_B, even in these extraordinary times

The coronavirus is significantly impacting our daily lives. Both your safety and that of our employees is always our number one priority. For that reason, we closely adhere to the government measures regarding the coronavirus.

The products that we store and handle at our terminals are of vital importance to society. In order to guarantee that these essential processes can continue as optimally as possible, compliance with the applicable guidelines is essential at our terminals. We are doing our utmost to maintain our level of service provision. Let's help each other get through these times as best as we can. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Prevention of accidents and incidents is part of our core values and executed by employees and contractors. In terms of safety, we endeavor to anticipate future developments in as far as this is possible. 


By caring for nature, employees and customers’ requirements, we are dedicated to maintaining the certificates on environment, safety, health, quality and security.

Massive investments over the past years have led to a modern and, efficient and flexible terminal. We respect and adhere to national and international rules and regulations. Our terminal is ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, COPRO, Concawe / Reach and CE certified.


By caring for nature, while taking into consideration our employees'  and our customers’ requirements, we are proactive when it comes to ensuring sustainability. We are constantly  alert to the potential environmental impact our activities may have. 

Martijn Fock
Commercial contact

E: m.fock@hesinternational.eu


T: +31 (0)181 233070
E: hbttinfo@hesinternational.eu

HES | bulk for life