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Facts and figures

Westhavenweg 70, Port of Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Open storage capacity:
600,000 m2
Covered storage capacity:
300,000 m3
Access by:
Vessel | barge | rail | truck
Max. draft:
17.8 m, draft through locks 13.75 m
Agribulk | minerals | biomass | steel scrap | steam coal | met coal
Transhipment | storage | weighing | crushing | screening | blending
An impressive fleet of machinery and unloaders inclusive flexible floating cranes.
160 professionals at work
ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | GMP+ | IMO certified (ISPS) | GMP+ MI5.4 NON GMO | CO2 reduction management with ISO 14001


The gateway in IJmuiden and Amsterdam for dry bulk products for the Northwest-European market.

We are a multipurpose dry bulk terminal operator with strategically located terminals in the Port of Amsterdam. Our flexible fleet of floating cranes can be used throughout the entire Amsterdam port area.

We are specialized in transhipment, storage and processing of a variety of dry bulk products. Since the start in 1954, we have  built an outstanding track record in providing high quality service to customers in various industries, e.g. the steel and animal feedstuff industry. With the high quality covered and open storage capacity we are capable of handling an annual volume of up to 22 million tons of various dry bulk products.

 Modern facilities guarantee fast and efficient unloading and loading of the largest seagoing vessels, as well as barges, trains and trucks. In addition, we offer multiple added-value services such as screening, blending and washing. The excellent water, rail and road connections combined with the outstanding transhipment and storage capabilities enable us to meet today’s customer demands, as well as the challenges of the future.

That is exactly why we have invested in a new 40,000 cbm multipurpose shed to further diversify into other dry-bulk products, products that often require high quality covered storage and state of the art processing equipment. This multipurpose shed is located at a storage area previously used for the storage of steam coal.

Bulk for life at HES Amsterdam

Contributing to the world of tomorrow. That’s what we do at HES Amsterdam. We are an important switch in the continuous delivery of essential building blocks for our everyday life.

The car you drive, the bread in the toaster and the energy from your socket: chances are that the necessary raw materials for these products were transported via our terminals. You can even find it in cat food. At HES Amsterdam, around 160 colleagues dynamically work 24/7 on matters that affect and shape our daily lives.

They always do so with the highest level of commitment to both safety and care for the environment – essential when working for or with us.


Prevention of accidents and incidents is part of the core values and executed by employees and contractors. We believe that the care for safety and environment is a shared task of employer and employee. Together we build a safe working and living environment with the aim to prevent all incidents and accidents.


By caring for nature, employees and customers’ requirements, we are dedicated to maintaining the certificates on environment, safety, health, quality and security. On our terminal we also handle agricultural products. To ensure that no contamination occurs during the handling of these products, we  adhere to very strict food safety standards. Compliance with them is monitored by the annual GMP+ audit. We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP+ en IMO certified.


In the business of extensive dry bulk supply, we are alert to the potential environmental impact of the activities. That is exactly why they implement special measures to reduce dust, noise and other potential environmental impacts.


Welcome at OBA, also in these extraordinary times

The coronavirus is significantly impacting our daily lives. Both your safety and that of our employees is always our number one priority. For that reason, we closely adhere to the government measures regarding the coronavirus.

The products that we store and handle at our terminals are of vital importance to society. In order to guarantee that these essential processes can continue as optimally as possible, compliance with the applicable guidelines is essential at our terminals. We are doing our best to maintain our level of service provision. Let's help each other get through these times as best as we can. Thank you for your support and understanding.


T: +31 (0)20 5873 722 (24 hours)
E:  Operations-hbta@hesinternational.eu

Commercial department

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Planning department

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Financial department

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