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HBTT Facts and figures

Location: Botlek, Port of Rotterdam, port no. 4260, the Netherlands

Storage capacity:
510,000 cbm
Access by:
Vessel | barge | rail | truck
Max. draft:
15.0 m with LR2 capability
Gasoline (components) diesel | biodiesel | renewable products
Handling | storage | heating | mixing | blending | dry-ing
Ship-to-ship discharge of liquids such as petrol, diesel, ethanol, MTBE, and biofuels
65 professionals at work
ISCC | ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 45001 | ISO 28000 | AEO


The most modern liquid Bulk terminal of North-west Europe

We are strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam. The terminal’s state-of-the-art infrastructure boasts ample deep-water berths and facilities which allow for the storage and transshipment of a wide range of liquid bulk products. 

The 420-metre long sea jetty is capable of simultaneously handling two large seagoing vessels and two river barges. In 2017, the terminal more than doubled its capacity to 490,000 CBM and it is currently expanding its berth capacity accordingly. A large part of the capacity is used for the storage of clean petroleum products, while the remaining part is dedicated to biofuels. 

In 2019, 6 tanks with a total capacity of 20,000 CBM for the storage of biofuels were added to the terminal. As a result, the total capacity of HBTT is now 510,000 CBM.

Storage tanks are equipped with fixed roof tanks with an internal floating roof. The terminal is one of the most environment-friendly tank terminals in the world and is the first terminal in the Netherlands to be awarded ISO 28001 certification.

Safety and care for the environment are top priorities at HBTT. Besides the aforementioned ISO 28001 certification, the company's management system is certified for ISCC, ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 45001. Furthermore, HBTT is an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). HES Botlek Tank Terminal provides customers with the safest, most reliable and efficient handling and storage solutions in the Port of Rotterdam.

Bulk for Life at HBTT

Contributing to the world of tomorrow. That is what we do at HBTT. We are an important switch in the continuous delivery of essential building blocks for our everyday life. Take the essential (bio) fuels that we need for our transportation, for example: chances are that these products passed through our terminal en route to their final destination.

At HBTT, around 65 colleagues dynamically work 24/7 on matters that affect and shape our daily lives. With constant attention for the environment, sustainability, social responsibility and safety. HES. Bulk for life.

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Welcome at HBTT, even in these extraordinary times

The coronavirus is significantly impacting our daily lives. Both your safety and that of our employees is always our number one priority. For that reason, we closely adhere to the government measures regarding the coronavirus.

The products that we store and handle at our terminals are of vital importance to society. In order to guarantee that these essential processes can continue as optimally as possible, compliance with the applicable guidelines is essential at our terminals. We are doing our utmost to maintain our level of service provision. Let's help each other get through these times as best as we can. Thank you for your support and understanding.


The prevention of accidents and incidents is of paramount importance to our employees and contractors.  Our safety management system is in compliance with NTA 8620. Together with industry association VOTOB and their Safety Maturity Tool, we continually strive to improve our safety standards. For more information on the Safety Maturity Tool, please visit the  website of VOTOB.

Furthermore, we are a voluntary member of the industrial fire brigade.


By caring for the environment, our employees and the requirements of our customers, we are dedicated to maintaining our certifications in the fields of the environment, safety, health, quality and security. Massive investments over the past years have resulted in a unique, state-of-the-art liquid bulk terminal. We respect and adhere to national and international rules and regulations. Our terminal is ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 28000 and ISCC certified.


In our operations, we also strongly and proactively focus on sustainability. We are constantly alert to the potential environmental impact our activities may have. Exactly for this reason, we have implemented a number of effective measures, such as:

  • Annual emission monitoring system and LDAR (Leak detection and repair)
  • Bi-annual emission measurement on the vapour recovery unit
  • Periodic storage tank emission monitoring programme
  • Periodic personal exposure measurement programme

Bart Jan van Veen 
Commercial contact

E: BJ.vanveen@hesinternational.eu


T: +31 (0)10 2310301
T: +31 (0)6 29086526 (24 hours)
E: hbttinfo@hesinternational.eu

HES | bulk for life