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OVET Facts and figures

Location: Terneuzen & Vlissingen, North Sea Port, The Netherlands

Open storage capacity:
480,000 m2
Covered storage capacity:
45,000 m3
Access by:
Vessel | barge | train | truck
Max. draft:
16.75 m SW (Vlissingen) and 12.5 m FW (Terneuzen)
Scraps | fertilizers | biomass | steel coils and other break bulk products | minerals | coal and other carbon products | circular products
Transshipment | storage | crushing | screening | drying | bagging | iron removal/ magnetizing | blending and freight forwarding
An impressive fleet of machinery and unloaders inclusive flexible floating cranes
105 professionals at work
ISO 9001, 14001 | GMP+ | AEO | Expanded permit for receiving a wide range of Euralcodes and the possibility to make waste stream numbers
HES International B.V. (49,9%) and Oxbow B.V. (50,1%)


A flexible bulk operator with a strong track record in the North Sea Port area.

We are a multipurpose dry bulk terminal operator strategically located along both sides of the river Scheldt (Vlissingen and Terneuzen). Our flexible fleet of floating cranes can be used throughout the entire North Sea Port area.

We are specialized in the handling and storage of dry bulk and break bulk and offer ample open and covered storage capacity. Modern facilities guarantee fast and efficient unloading and loading of the largest seagoing vessels, as well as barges, trains and trucks. In addition, we offer multiple added-value services such as screening, blending, bagging, crushing and de-ironing of various kinds of dry bulk. The excellent water, rail and road connections combined with the outstanding transshipment and storage capabilities enable us to meet today’s customer demands, as well as the challenges of the future.

 That is exactly why we have expanded our Kaloothaven terminal in Vlissingen. As a result of this expansion, we now occupy an area of 34 hectares. This expansion fits in perfectly with our strategy of, on the one hand, continuing to diversify the product mix of various bulk and breakbulk goods, and on the other hand, offering greater added value and an even wider range of added-value activities to our portfolio of long-standing customers.

Bulk for life at OVET

Contributing to the world of tomorrow. That’s what we do at OVET. We are an important switch in the continuous delivery of essential building blocks for our everyday life.

The buildings we live and work in, and the trains, trams, ships and cars we use for transportation: none of them could exist without basic materials like steel, lime and silicon. Chances are that the necessary raw materials for these products were transported via OVET. Final products can be as unexpected as the glass in your windows, the solar panel on your roof or the cube of sugar in your coffee. At OVET, around 105 colleagues dynamically work 24/7 on matters that affect and shape our daily lives.

They always do so with the highest level of commitment to both safety and care for the environment – essential when working for or with OVET.


Welcome at OVET, also in these extraordinary times

The coronavirus is significantly impacting our daily lives. Both your safety and that of our employees is always our number one priority. For that reason, we closely adhere to the government measures regarding the coronavirus.

The products that we store and handle at our terminals are of vital importance to society. In order to guarantee that these essential processes can continue as optimally as possible, compliance with the applicable guidelines is essential at our terminals. We are doing our best to maintain our level of service provision. Let's help each other get through these times as best as we can. Thank you for your support and understanding.


We promote the Health, Safety, Security & Environment policy on all levels of our company and addresses these activities with equal priority as any other business activity. It ensures a safe and healthy working environment through the construction of appropriate facilities, the provision of adequate protective equipment, adequate training and job-specific education supported by internal standards, procedures and instructions. We empower employees with stop-work authority and pro-actively reporting near misses, incidents and facility hazards.


Our baseline is Quality in Bulk. It is our everyday preoccupation to deliver a high quality service to our customers. Great efforts are being made to handle and store the products on our terminals according to the highest internal standards of our ISO 9001 quality management system. This makes the OVET terminals a benchmark in the dry bulk sector.


We strive to have an open and honest communication with external stakeholders and dedicate adequate attention to complaints and appropriate follow-up. We aim to minimize the impact of our business on people and environment through the use of proper design, construction and maintenance procedures. This enables OVET to create a healthy and long lasting economic activity.

Commercial Contact


T: +31 (0)115 676700
E:  info@ovet.nl

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