We responsibly handle, store and process bulk products that contribute to the world of tomorrow

Contributing to the world of tomorrow, that’s what we do at HES. We are an important switch in the continuous delivery of essential building blocks for our everyday life needed to develop, sustain and improve the world around us. Our professional staff ensure that a wide variety of bulk products are safely stored and handled 24/7 for our customers from all corners of the globe. These bulk products form the basis of many products that we use regularly in all aspects of daily life. The energy from your wall socket, the car you drive or the sandwich in your lunch box: at one point, they were all bulk products. And it is highly probable that these bulk products have passed through one of our terminals.

Our Executive Committee

Cees van Gent (1962) | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Appointed in 2023

Mr van Gent has over 35 years’ experience and track record in buying and building, bigger and better international companies across the transport, forwarding, logistics and waste management industries. Previously, he was the CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board at international logistics group Hillebrand until March 2022, when Hillebrand was successfully sold to DP DHL. Prior to joining Hillebrand, Mr van Gent was the former Group CEO at waste management and processing company Van Gansewinkel Group and Group CEO at logistics specialist Lehnkering. As CEO, Mr van Gent is Chairman of the Management Board. At HES, he specifically focuses on Strategy & Business Development, HR and Communications.

Mark van Lieshout (1963) | Chief Financial Officer (CFO) | Appointed in 2020

Mr van Lieshout has more than 15 years of experience as CFO and prior to that he has held several roles as Finance Director. He started his career with ABB, a global technology company, where he worked for 14 years. In 2003 he joined Vattenfall (Nuon) and after the unbundling in 2009 he was appointed CFO of Alliander, the largest regional energy grid operator in the Netherlands. Within the board Mr van Lieshout is responsible for Accounting & Tax, Group Control and Corporate Finance, Investments and Legal. Besides a degree in business economics, Mr van Lieshout has enjoyed educations with INSEAD and IMD.

Jeroen van der Neut (1974) | Chief Operating Officer (COO) | Appointed in 2023

Mr van der Neut joined HES in 2020 and is an experienced executive with solid international experience including leading projects in the UK, Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark. He has a successful record in optimising operational performance, strategic realignment projects and complex stakeholder projects. Prior to joining HES, Jeroen served in roles including CEO of Grontmij Sweden (now Sweco; overseeing 700 employees and c. €80m revenue) and Transformations Practice Leader at BOLD.

Joop de Rooij (1961) | Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) | Appointed in 2023

Mr (Joop) de Rooij the former CEO of Fetim Group, an international trading company founded in 1919, joined HES in October 2023 as Chief Commercial Officer. With a track record spanning 30 years, notably as Chairman of KPMG Corporate Finance NV and COO of KPMG Advisory, Joop specializes in operational growth, business development and mergers & acquisitions. Joop also served as Member of the Executive Board & CFO of SHV Holdings NV and as Industry Advisor at Advent Private Equity. He is passionate about driving sustainable, profitable growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. Joop will focus on enhancing sales and business development activities and growing HES's customer base, as the company expands its green energy offering and solidifies its position in agricultural goods, minerals, iron ore and liquids handling.

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