We strive to balance our economic objectives with environmental stewardship and positive social impact. We are conscious that the actions we take can have a broad impact across many industrial sectors. This puts us in a pivotal position to combat climate change and stimulate meaningful social impact. 

HES International is committed to creating the blueprint for the next generation of eco-friendly terminals, prioritising responsible management and sustainable growth.


Our environmental commitment goes beyond compliance. We recognise that our activities have direct and indirect impacts on the planet and take a proactive approach to environmental management, including substantial investments in green infrastructure and the transition towards energy sources that support a low-carbon economy. We are continuously refining our operations to reduce our carbon footprint, effectively manage resource-use and safeguard biodiversity.


For us, social engagement means creating value that extends into the communities we serve. It means providing safe, empowering workplaces and championing initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. Our dedication to fostering a supportive and equitable environment is reflected in our rigorous health and safety protocols, our emphasis on employee development and our efforts to support community wellbeing.


We ensure accountability and transparency throughout our operations. It is about making decisions that both steer the company towards profitability and meet the highest ethical standards. We operate according to a robust governance framework that ensures all business activities are conducted with integrity and in line with industry best practice.

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