EBS is a multipurpose dry bulk terminal operator in the port of Rotterdam. EBS consists of two strategically located terminals at the Europoort and Laurenshaven. The operator has a fleet of flexible floating cranes which can be used throughout the entire Rotterdam port area.

Its main activities are the loading, unloading, storage and transhipment of various dry bulk products.  The EBS terminals have excellent deep seaway and hinterland connections. Your cargo has access to the whole of western and central Europe thanks to extensive road and water networks and rail links.

EBS is a terminal in transition and is investing heavily in new products and services to address changes in market and customer demand.  To grow its services in agricultural products, minerals, building materials and biomass, high quality covered storage is required. EBS is executing a four-year masterplan to construct a total of 350,000 cbm of additional covered storage capacity at the Laurenshaven and Europoort locations. This will increase EBS’ total available covered storage to over 800,000 cbm. These multipurpose sheds are located at storage areas previously used for the storage of in particular steam coal. Furthermore  EBS has land and berth capacity available for further expansion. 

Dedicated covered storage facilities

EBS provides dedicated storage facilities and efficient handling. In partnership with its customers, EBS delivers customized solutions. The skilled staff handles your cargo with passion and care. EBS has ambitious plans to further expand its covered storage facilities.

Facts & figures


  • Locations: (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), 
    Europoort terminal, port no. 5820, Europoort Dolphins, port no. 5852, Laurenshaven terminal port no. 4310
  • Products: Minerals, agribulk, biomass, iron ore and cokes
  • Services: Transhipment, storage, weighing, blending, screening, temperature control & measurement, magnetic decontamination
  • Draft: Europoort 16 m, Europoort Dolphins 18 m, Laurenshaven 13.85 m
  • Certifications ISO 9001, GMP+, SKAL BIO-01, SCC*, Cert ID Non-GMO
  • Commercial Contact: Mr Frank van der Stoep, Mr André Brussé and  Mr Kevin Tromp, sales@ebsbulk.nl, T +31 (0)181 258121

(Future) projects expansion covered storage capacity

  • 2017              60,000 cbm Laurenshaven terminal (operational since mid-2017)
  • 2018-2019   126,000 cbm Laurenshaven terminal (fully operational as from February 2019)
  • 2019-2020   50,000 cbm Europoort terminal (under construction)
  • 2020               2x 40,000 cbm Laurenshaven terminal (planned)
  • 2021              50,000 cbm Europoort terminal (planned)


EBS considers it most important that everyone works safely at the terminals. EBS takes the view that the care for safety and environment is a shared task of employer and employee. Together EBS is building on a safe working and living environment with the aim of preventing accidents.


On both terminals EBS handles agricultural products. To ensure that no contamination occurs during the handling of these products, EBS adheres to very strict food safety standards. Compliance with them is monitored by the annual GMP+ audit. Apart from conventional agricultural products, EBS can also handle organic cargoes. EBS has the mandatory SKAL B1 certificate especially for organic cargoes. The sheds at the Laurenshaven terminals holds the CERT ID Non GMO certification.

EBS has the ISO 9001:2008 certification and also holds the SCC* certificate.


The care for people and environment has an important part to play at EBS, not only for the people who work at the terminals but also of course the neighbourhood. EBS is constantly alert to the potential environmental issues. Dust is a specific challenge for EBS therefore they have various dust suppression measures.


PO BOX 1204, 3180 AE Rozenburg 
The Netherlands

Europoort Terminal 
Elbeweg 117, 3198 LC Europoort - Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Port no. 5820 |  Route

Laurenshaven Terminal 
Montrealweg 50, 3197 KH Botlek - Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Port no. 4310 | Route

T General/Sales: +31 (0)181 258121
T Gatehouse: +31 (0)181 243500
T PFSO: +31 (0)6 53878315
T Staff: + 31 (0)181 258147