EMO is one of the largest dry bulk terminals in Europe. It is strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam. The biggest seagoing vessels from all over the globe berth along the EMO quays. Almost 80% of the dry bulk commodities are transported either via the extensive rail links or water networks to the German hinterland. EMO is a logistical partner for customers in the steel industry, silicon metal industry and the energy sector. The steel industry processes iron ore and coal, supplied via EMO into numerous products such as passenger cars, wind turbines, bridges including Rotterdam’s fabulous Erasmus Bridge, and other steel structures for the construction industry. The silicon metal industry uses coal as a raw material for example in solar panels.

Coal is also used for power generation. In addition to loading, unloading, storage and transhipment of various dry bulk commodities, the EMO terminal offers at the request of the product owners added-value services such as screening, blending and washing coal (for the silicon metal industry).

Continuous investments over the past years have led to a highly automated dry bulk terminal which is unique in its operational flexibility and efficiency. A large part of the equipment is electrically powered. EMO has chosen to use durable, high quality machines and components with a long lifespan, built with responsible production methods. EMO set standards for ethical, safety, social and environmental performance.

State of the Art terminal for now and the future

Massive investments over the past years led to a world class innovation dry bulk terminal which is unique in its kind. The EMO terminal is highly automated and supervised by our high-tech operations centre. The automation of the terminal is at a very advanced stage. Besides the technical innovations, EMO set standards for ethical, safety, social, and environmental performance.

Facts & figures

  • Location:  Maasvlakte, the Port of Rotterdam, port no. 8010, the Netherlands
  • Products: Iron ore, Coking coal, steam coal and low ash coal (washed) for the silicon metal industry
  • Services: Transhipment, storage, washing, crushing, screening and blending
  • Storage capacity: 7 million tons
  • 4 deepsea berths with a max draft of  23 m
  • 5 ship unloaders
  • 7 fully automated Stacker Reclaimers
  • 3 fully automated railcar loaders 
  • 3 barge loaders
  • 1 fully automated panamax loader
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001
  • Commercial Contact:
    Mr Leo Lokker - L.J.Lokker@emo.nl
    Mr Martin de Winter - M.N.L.de.Winter@emo.nl

(Future) projects:

  • Flexible blending solutions to optimize qualities of delivered coal and iron ore
  • HBI, PCI coal and biomass product handling and storage diversification
  • Automation of unloading process
  • Conveyor belt system renewals improving internal terminal flexibilities and energy efficiency

P= direct connection to coal fired powerplant


Prevention of accidents and incidents is part of the core values and executed by employees and contractors. EMO believes that accidents and injuries are avoidable. EMO is committed to achieving our target goal of zero incidents and are mindful of the environment we live in. They are determined to excel in a strongly rooted culture of safety and operational excellence.


By caring for nature, employees and customers’ requirements, EMO is dedicated to maintaining the certificates on environment, safety, health, quality and security. Furthermore EMO is an associated member of Bettercoal  Bettercoal’s ambition is to increase transparency and improve ethical, environmental and social performance along this chain. As dry bulk terminal they support Bettercoal’s ambition. Have a look at www.bettercoal.org for more information.
EMO is ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and ISPS certified.


In the business of extensive dry bulk supply, EMO is alert to the potential environmental impact of the activities. That is exactly why they implement special measures to reduce dust, noise and other potential environmental impacts. A dust suppression system covers the whole storage area. Water for the system is supplied through EMO’s own comprehensive water reclamation, storage and recycling system. If necessary, stockpiles and open areas are covered with a protective layer as a precautionary measure. To prevent combustion, EMO can compact the stored coal.


Visiting address
Port no. 8010
Missouriweg 25
3199 LB Maasvlakte RT
The Netherlands

Postal adress
PO Box 9000
3199 XA Maasvlakte RT
The Netherlands

T General / security: +31 (0)181 371111
T Commercial department: +31 (0)181 371149
T Control room: +31 (0)181 371175

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