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EMO Facts and Figures

Loaction: Maasvlakte, the Port of Rotterdam, port no. 8010, The Netherlands

Storage capacity:
7 Mt
Access by:
Vessel | barge | rail
Max. draft:
23.0 m
Iron ore | Coking coal | Steam Coal | Low ash coal (washed) for the silicon metal industry
Transhipment | Storage | Washing | Screening | Blending
A highly automated fleet of ship-unloaders, ship-, panamax and bargeloaders, stacker reclaimers and rail car loaders.
340 professionals at work
ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 | ISPS


Europe’s most modern dry bulk terminal

We are one of the largest dry bulk terminals in Europe, strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam. The biggest seagoing vessels from all over the globe berth along our quays.

Around 80% of the dry bulk products at EMO are transported to the German hinterland by either the extensive rail network or the waterways. We are a logistical partner for customers in the steel industry, silicon metal industry and the energy sector. Continuous investments over the past years have resulted in a highly automated dry bulk terminal which is unique in its operational flexibility and efficiency. Much of the equipment is electrically powered. EMO has chosen to use durable, high quality machines and components with a long lifespan, built according to responsible manufacturing methods. Standards are in place at EMO regarding an ethical, safe and socially and environmentally responsible performance.

In addition to the loading, unloading, storage and transhipment of various dry bulk products, our terminal offers added-value services such as the screening, blending and washing of coal (for the silicon metal industry) upon request as well.

Bulk for life at EMO

Contributing to the world of tomorrow. That’s what we do at EMO. We are an important switch in the continuous delivery of essential building blocks for our everyday life.

The beautiful, iconic Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, the car you drive, the solar panels on your roof: chances are that the iron ore, coal and other necessary raw materials for these products were transported via EMO. You can even find it in your toothpaste and the socket you use to charge your electric toothbrush! At EMO, around 340 colleagues dynamically work 24/7 on matters that affect and shape our daily lives.

We always do so with the highest level of commitment to both safety and care for the environment – essential when working for or with EMO.

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Welcome at EMO, also in these extraordinary times

The coronavirus is significantly impacting our daily lives. Both your safety and that of our employees is always our number one priority. For that reason, we closely adhere to the government measures regarding the coronavirus.

The products that we store and handle at our terminals are of vital importance to society. In order to guarantee that these essential processes can continue as optimally as possible, compliance with the applicable guidelines is essential at our terminals. We are doing our best to maintain our level of service provision. Let's help each other get through these times as best as we can. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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Our employees and contractors are fully dedicated to the prevention of accidents and incidents. We believe that accidents and injuries are avoidable and are committed to achieving our target goal of zero incidents whilst operating in an environment-friendly manner and aim to excel in a strongly rooted culture of safety and operational excellence.


By caring for the environment, our employees and the requirements of our customers, EMO is dedicated to maintaining its certifications in the fields of the environment, safety, health, quality and security. EMO is ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and ISPS certified.


EMO is keenly aware of any potential environmental impact ensuing from its business activities. For this reason, special measures to reduce dust and noise have for example been implemented. A dust suppression system covers the whole storage area. And water is supplied through EMO’s own comprehensive water reclamation, storage and recycling system. If necessary, stockpiles and open areas are covered with a protective layer as a precautionary measure. To prevent combustion, EMO can compact the stored coal.

Ton van der Leer
Commercial & Business
Development Manager


Martin de Winter
Manager Commercial planning


T Commercial department: +31 (0)181 371149

T General / security: +31 (0)181 371111

T Control room: +31 (0)181 371175

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