Our Terminals at a glance

HES companies serve the heart of industrial Europe, and hold a unique and independent position in the supply chain of bulk goods for a wide range of products.

JV = Joint Venture

HES International provides logistical services such as freight forwarding, shipping agency and transportation services enabling our customers to further optimize their value chain.

Our experienced staff communicates well and has extensive port knowledge; enabling our customers to increase operational efficiency while reducing the total value chain cost.

Logistic Services

Cita Logistics - Norfolk (USA) and Sydney (Australia)

Location: Norfolk (USA) and Sydney (Australia)
Product group:  Logistical Services
Product:  Coal
Services:  Agency, inspection, quality control, freight forwarding
Certifications:  ISO 17025:2005 accreditation
Ownership:  100% HES International
Website: www.citalogistics.com

OVET - Terneuzen & Flushing (JV)

Location: Flushing (Vlissingen) and Terneuzen, the Netherlands
Product group: Dry Bulk, Break Bulk and Logistical Services
Product: Coal, other carbon products, scraps, fertilizers, biomass, steel coils and minerals
Services: Transshipment, storage, weighing, crushing, screening, blending and shipping
Storage: 480,000 m2 of open storage, 45,000 m3 of covered storage
Access: Vessel, barge, rail and truck
Draft:   16.5 m SW (Flushing) and 12.5 m FW (Terneuzen)
Capacity: 70,000 tons per day
Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, GMP+ and AEO
Ownership: 49.9% HES International
Website: www.ovet.nl
Managing Director: Mr Vincent Courtois
Commercial Contact: Mr Bram Peters bpeters@ovet.nl

SOMEF - Liège (JV)

Location: 3 terminals in vicinity of Liege, Belgium
Product group: Dry Bulk, Logistical Services, Break Bulk
Product: Coal, stones, steel coils, polluted soils
Services: Transshipment, handling, storage and shipping
Storage: 10,000 m3 of covered storage, 29,500 m2 of uncovered storage
Access: Barge, rail and truck
Draft:   3.40 m
Capacity: 18,000 tons per day
Certifications: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, FCA BC06 & ISPS
Ownership: 70% HES International
Website: www.somef.be
Managing Director and Commercial Contact: Mr Olivier Stevens olivier.stevens@somef.be


Deschieter - Mons

Location: Mons (Ghlin), Belgium
Product group: Dry Bulk, Break Bulk
Product: Minerals, agribulk, coal, (polluted) soils, containers, project cargo and steel coils
Services: Transshipment, handling, storage, shipping
Storage: 12,000 m3 of covered storage, 23,000 m2 open storage
Access: Barge, truck and rail
Draft:   2.50m
Capacity: 5,000 tons per day
Certifications: OWD, OVAM and NIWO for waste transportation (mainly polluted soils)
Ownership: 100% HES International
Website: www.deschieter.be
Managing Director: Mr Brice LEBLUD
Commercial Contact: Mr Olivier Stevens olivier.stevens@deschieter.be