OVET is a multipurpose terminal, specialized in the handling and storage of dry bulk and break bulk. Founded in 1957, OVET has 60 years of experience in the transhipment, storage and treatment of dry bulk. Strategically located along both sides of the River Scheldt (Vlissingen and Terneuzen), OVET operates four floating cranes. The draft at both terminals is deep enough for large vessels. OVET discharges and re-loads sea-vessels, barges, trains and trucks.

These terminals offer ample open and covered storage capacity. They also offer added-value services such as screening, blending, crushing and de-ironing of various kinds of dry bulk. OVET is well known for its customized services and customer-oriented approach.

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  • Locations: Terneuzen & Vlissingen, the Netherlands
  • Products: Coal, other carbon products, scraps, fertilizers, biomass, steel coils and minerals
  • Services: Transhipment, storage, crushing, screening, blending and freight forwarding
  • Draft 16.75 m SW (Vlissingen) and 12.5 m FW (Terneuzen)
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, GMP+ and AEO
  • Commercial Contact: ivandrongelen@ovet.nl, pvandael@ovet.nl 

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Postal address:
Postbus 1200
4530 GE Terneuzen
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)115 676700
E info@ovet.nl

OVET Terminal Massagoed harbour - Terneuzen
Harbour number 1401
Noorwegenweg 2
4538 BG Terneuzen
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)115 676800

Ovet Terminal Kaloot harbour - Vlissingen
Harbour number 9401 (Vlissingen-Oost)
Monacoweg 3
4455 SZ Nieuwdorp
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)113 286200