When you visit the Laurenshaven terminal of European Bulk Services (EBS) BV, you can’t miss the immense new building on the site. Over the past year, builders have made a massive effort to realise another new warehouse facility. Our new addition has a capacity of no less than 126,000 cbm, which brings EBS’ total storage capacity to 650,000 cbm.

Open for business

The Boreas coaster was the first vessel to take advantage of the new warehouse when it was unloaded on Wednesday, 20 February 2019. Around 1,400 tonnes of bauxite was weighed and then transferred to the new bulk storage warehouse by the certified Gottwald 6 crane.

Unique concept

The high-quality multi-purpose storage warehouse features several separate compartments, to keep storage shipments clean, dry, and free from contamination. A unique system of hatches developed in-house allows the crane operator to open and close a roof hatch with the press of a single button, in order to guarantee the quality of the products. The convenient location on the quay allows bulk goods to be unloaded directly from the ship to the warehouse.


EBS is a terminal in transition, and we focus on the storage and trans-shipment of goods such as wood pellets, minerals, and agricultural products. Over the next few years, we will make significant investments to further expand our closed storage capacity. The permit for the next 50,000 cbm warehouse has already been approved.

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