And we are extremely proud of our achievement! The awarding of this certificate means that not only can we call ourselves the first tank terminal in the Netherlands to be ISO 28000 certified, but also that we are the most certified tank terminal in Rotterdam. ISO 28000 is a supply chain security management system developed specially for organisations offering logistic services. Huge volumes of goods, information, money and people pass through the port of Rotterdam, every day. Also at our terminal, valuable goods are stored for shorter and longer periods of time. To protect our property and that of our clients, we operate a QESSH management system. That system was already certified according to the strictest standards covering security, the environment, quality and health and safety. We also operate an ISPS system to maintain the quality of our security. The combination of ISPS and ISO 28000 means that our property and that of our customers is even better protected against external influences.

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