Rotterdam, 19 December 2017 – Europees Massagoed Overslagbedrijf (EMO) B.V., a Rotterdam based 100% subsidiary of HES International B.V. and JERA Trading, a Singapore based major coal trader, have signed a 5-year contract to jointly enter the specialty coal market for the production of silicon metal. This product is used as a source for photovoltaics (solar panels) and computer integrated circuits (chips).

Within the cooperation to produce, market and sell these specialty coals JERA Trading will provide the coal sourcing, transport and marketing & sales expertise. EMO will provide the transshipment, storage and manufacturing facilities and expertise at its location in the Rotterdam port.

EMO has a strong and successful position in the iron ore and coking coal market and is further diversifying its product portfolio of dry bulk commodities. Entering the specialty coal market for the production of silicon metal already matches the competence and technical equipment of EMO.

Major part of the high purity reducing agent is provided by specialty coals. Specialty coals are produced by purifying and selecting a specific surface area for reactivity control raw coal needs to be screened and washed. The coal purification will be performed in a recently refurbished washing and screening facility at a 10 hectares area on the EMO terminal in the Rotterdam port. The manufacturing process is operated with a closed water circuit and has negligible emissions.

Mathijs Pelsma, Managing Director of EMO said: "Smartly diversifying our product portfolio of dry bulk commodities is our answer in the current energy transition, where we respond to the demand of our clients. We very much welcome the 5-year contract with JERA Trading, as this underscores our strong position in the market."

As one of the leading physical coal trader JERA Trading is keen to develop this segment of its customer portfolio by offering its sourcing and trading skills to this specialized customer segment.

Ronan Lory, JERA Trading Managing Director indicated that "JERA Trading is very happy to partner with EMO a trusted and recognized expert in the handling and technical processing of coal to provide new sourcing opportunities for the growing silicon metal industry. We look forward to a very profitable cooperation."

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EMO B.V. & HES International B.V.: Mw. E. Erkelens, Manager Corporate Communications, tel. +31 (0)611 648 605, e-mail:


JERA Trading: Mr. Ronan Lory, Managing Director JERA Trading, Tel. +65 6654 1928, Email:

About EMO: Europees Massagoed Overslagbedrijf (EMO) B.V. is the largest transhipment terminal in Western Europe for iron ore and coking coal for the European steel industry and steam coal for the European power generation plants. Services for the silicon metal industry supplying amongst other photovoltaic cells are now added to the customer base. Modern and multifunctional, the EMO terminal is strategically located at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The terminal has grown rapidly since 1973 and has an excellent track record in storage and transhipment. The quayside, with a draft of 23 metres, makes it possible for the world’s largest vessels to unload at EMO. State-of-the-art facilities unload seagoing vessels fast and efficiently. In addition to loading and unloading vessels, rail cars and barges, the EMO terminal offers added-value services such as screening, blending and washing coal (for instance for the silicon metal industry). EMO has ample access to the hinterland by means of rail links and inland waterways. More information on

About JERA Trading: JERA Trading (JERAT) is a jointly owned company two third by JERA Co. Inc., an equal joint venture between two major Japanese electric companies, Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) and Chubu Electric Power Company (Chubu) and one third by EDF Trading, the trading arm of EDF, the French leading low carbon power producer in Europe. JERAT is responsible for the global coal procurement of Chubu, Tepco and EDF. It operates an integrated coal and freight supply chain and has benefited from EDF Trading’s expertise in energy commodity trading and risk management to minimize the costs and optimise the revenues associated with the delivery of coal requirements of its shareholders and third party customers. JERAT operates in all major coal and freight markets (Europe, Asia, North and South America) and trade both physical and financial products. JERAT is headquartered in Singapore with offices in London and in Maryland. More information on

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