A state of the art new warehouse now occupies pride of place on the OBA site in Amsterdam’s Westhaven. The warehouse, with a capacity of 33,000 cbm, is officially opened in March and is intended for the storage of a variety of dry bulk products. The commissioning of the warehouse further expands the covered storage capacity to 181,000 cbm.

The warehouse is within easy reach of the unloaders and has been equipped with 11 electrically powered, remotely controlled roof hatches. In addition to investing in the warehouse itself, the surrounding infrastructure has been adapted to guarantee maximum efficiency. Multiyear contracts have been signed with a number of customers for the use of warehouse capacity. Both OBA and its customers recognise the value of this form of cooperation.

Construction of the warehouse started in July 2018 and was completed without incidents. We at OBA and our contractors are very proud of this excellent safety performance!

The expansion of covered storage capacity ties in with the company’s strategy of becoming a multipurpose terminal. Market developments are demanding more high-quality covered storage capacity for a variety of products including mixed animal feeds, minerals, construction materials and biomass. In line with this development, OBA is pushing to further diversify its dry bulk portfolio.

About OBA

OBA is a multipurpose terminal strategically located in Amsterdam’s Western Port area.

OBA has an enthusiastic workforce of 120 employees who together are responsible for the handling and transhipment of around 20 million tonnes of bulk goods, yearly, on behalf of international clients from various sectors including the power supply and steel sector, the animal feed industry, the chemical industry, construction companies and the recycling industry.

OBA is a joint venture of HES International and Oxbow.

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