Offer of Hestya for Hes Beheer proceeds as planned


Request to annul AFM approval of Offer Memorandum denied by Trade and Industry Appeal Tribune (CBb)


Rotterdam, Amsterdam, 12 September 2014 – H.E.S. Beheer N.V. ("HES Beheer") and Hestya Energy B.V. ("Hestya Energy") today jointly announce that the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (College van Beroep voor het bedrijfsleven) ("CBb") has rejected the request of a small shareholder of HES Beheer to annul the decision by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Stichting Autoriteit Financiële Markten, "AFM") to approve the offer memorandum (the "Offer Memorandum") regarding the recommended public cash offer for all issued and outstanding ordinary shares in the capital of HES Beheer (the "Offer").


This means that the Offer will proceed as planned.  Holders of shares in the capital of HES Beheer can tender their shares under the Offer until 17 September 2014 17:40 hours CEST.  Please note that a custodian, bank or stockbroker may set an earlier deadline for HES Beheer shareholders to communicate acceptances of the Offer in order to permit such custodian, bank or stockbroker to communicate its acceptances to the exchange agent under the Offer in a timely manner.


Hestya Energy is making the Offer on the terms and subject to the conditions and restrictions contained in the Offer Memorandum. In addition, HES Beheer has made available its position statement regarding the Offer, containing the information required by section 18, paragraph 2 and Annex G of the Decree in connection with the Offer (the "Position Statement").

Digital copies of the Offer Memorandum, including the Position Statement, are available on the websites of HES Beheer and Hestya Energy Copies of the Offer Memorandum are also available free of charge at the offices of HES Beheer and the Exchange Agent at the addresses mentioned below.


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