European Bulk Services (EBS) B.V. takes new storage shed into service

Rotterdam, June 2017 – On 31 May, European Bulk Services (EBS) B.V., a 100% subsidiary of HES International B.V., has proudly taken its new Laurenshaven shed into use. The companies Cordeel, Tosec and TES constructed this multipurpose storage shed for EBS within a period of nine months, within the agreed deadline and timeline.

The concrete storage shed on the quay has a capacity of 60,000 m3 and is made up of six compartments of 10,000 m3 each. The shed is multifunctional and is therefore suitable for different dry bulk products. The hatches of the new shed are mobile and are operated remotely by the crane drivers. An advanced security system prevents the grab of the crane damaging the walls of the shed. The roof of the shed is fully insulated and prevents condensation from forming. A long-term contract has already been concluded for this shed.

EBS’s covered storage capacity now totals 525,000 m3. EBS is currently focusing on further expanding the Botlek site by building yet another new shed with a storage capacity of 126,000 m3. The preparations have commenced, and construction can start as soon as the building permit is received. Additionally, EBS plans to build a new storage shed at the Europoort site, with a capacity of 40,000 m3. With these new multipurpose sheds the existing storage capacity of 525,000 m3 will increase to 691,000 m3, supporting EBS’ position as a leading provider of covered storage for dry bulk products in the Port of Rotterdam.


Photo of new multifunctional storage shed at Laurenshaven

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For more information you can contact Mr Jan de Wit, Managing director of European Bulk Services. Tel. +31 181-258145. E-mail j.de.wit@ebsbulk.nl

About European Bulk Services (EBS) B.V.
European Bulk Services B.V. operates two terminals and a fleet of floating cranes. The terminals are situated at strategic locations in the port of Rotterdam: Laurenshaven and Europoort. The floating cranes can be deployed in the entire port area. EBS has a total storage capacity of 525,000 m3 and 210,000 m2 of open ground storage. The EBS terminals have excellent access to deep-water seaways. There is also ample access to the hinterland by means of inland waterways, rail links and motorways. You can find more information on www.ebsbulk.nl

About HES International B.V.
HES International B.V., is one of Europe’s largest independent providers of storage and transhipment capacity in dry and liquid bulk. Our terminals are situated in the best locations at Europe’s most important ports. Our aim is to become one of the market leaders on the European tank terminal market. We aspire to achieve this mainly by enlarging and revamping our existing terminals, as well as by developing projects at new locations, taking over other existing terminals and converting former oil terminals and refineries into tank terminals. HES International B.V. is developing a tank terminal for the storage and transhipment of petroleum products and biofuels at Hartelstrook, on the
south side of the Mississippi harbour at Maasvlakte 1. This terminal is expected to be operational at the end of 2019.
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For more information about HES International: www.hesinternational.eu

HES International is owned by Riverstone Holdings LLC and The Carlyle Group

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