The growth in the world’s population and the global economy result in an increased demand for energy. To meet this demand in a sustainable way, the international community has committed itself to the Paris Climate Agreement (2015). The objective of this agreement is to reduce CO2 emissions and to transition from CO2 generating fossil energy sources (e.g. oil, lignite, coal and gas) to renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy and hydropower. In Europe, politicians, the business community, NGO’s and citizens work hard to achieve this objective. The energy transition -a transition of use of fossil fuels and not the transportation thereof- is here to stay and that is an important and positive reality.  

To make a change as fundamental as the energy transition takes time. The currently available renewable energy volumes are not yet sufficient to meet total (and growing) energy demand. In addition, next to wind and solar, energy has to be generated from other (possibly fossil) sources for when there is no sun or wind available (such as during the nights). Also, the production of wind turbines, hydropower stations and solar panels requires significant energy and natural resources. At the same time innovations such as electric vehicles will contribute to increased demand for electrical energy. Therefore, fossil resources will remain a much needed contributor to the energy mix for many years to come; however its share will decline over time.

The energy transition in the Netherlands has a road map for the closure of coal-fired powerplants that will enable us to adjust our business model. In Germany the energy transition needs to compensate for the exit of nuclear power and domestically mined lignite, together accounting for over 30% of Germany’s power generation. This is a major task for Germany for the next 15 years and more. During this transition period, we will remain to operate as a trustworthy and reliable partner to our customers.

HES International – Futureproof in the energy transition

The energy transition has significant impact on our customers: global suppliers and buyers of petroleum products, iron ore, coals, biomass, agricultural and mineral products. For over 110 years, like no other logistical service provider, HES International has shown the ability to meet and adapt to the continuously evolving storage needs of our customers. Our strategically located terminals, flexibility, knowledge and reliability lie at the core of our capabilities.

As a result, HES International offers client specific solutions that follow the effects of the energy transition. By implementing a substantial and smart investment program, we realize state of the art greenfield developments, expansion and redevelopment of our global storage capacity, resulting in a futureproof and balanced diversification and concentration of our bulk portfolios. We meet and maintain the highest standards of quality, environment and safety, and strive to operate our terminals in a responsible and sustainable way. Knowledge -central in our proposition- combined with the experience and quality of our over 1.300 colleagues, enables us to provide a premium offer and service level. This makes us the stable and ambitious business partner that we are.

Operational energy transition

HES International is adjusting its product portfolio across the board which ensures that HES, as one of the largest investors in port infrastructure in the ARA region, remains the leading port infrastructure company for dry- and liquid bulk in Europe.

At EBS we are actively phasing out coal storage and we invest in multipurpose sheds for agricultural products and biomass.

In Amsterdam and other ports, our subsidiaries are carrying out similar projects to invest in new products and services.

At EMO we have a unique position for dry bulk commodities such as iron ore and coking coal, mainly for the German steel industry, we expect to maintain this position for future decades. Transshipment of coal for power generation will only decrease when the use of coal decreases. Forced ending of the transshipment of coal in Dutch ports will be rendered useless, as other ports would take over transshipment with subsequently more environmental emissions and no decrease of usage.

For all operations we equally follow our customers demand and invest in alternative energy or related products and services if and when required by our clients.

HES International stands for strong, reliable and dedicated partnership, for our clients and business relations, and our employees. Futureproof in the energy transition.

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