On 18 of May HES Gdynia has started the construction works for a grain storage facility extension at Slaskie Quay, in the port of Gdynia.

As the investment project already holds a construction approval, ground excavation work has begun on the land. A new flat grain warehouse with a storage capacity of 64,000 tons, along with a transfer conveyor system on supply and discharge routes, will be constructed. 

In the scope of the project, there are also new loading and discharge points for trucks and railcars, including a bottom discharge technology. This technology supports decarbonisation as it reduces grains delivery by road and is anticipated by HES Gdynia's customers. 

The expansion is expected to be completed in Q4 2024.

After completion, HES Gdynia will be able to offer higher levels of efficiency, quality and capabilities, providing much-needed space for such a supply constrained market.

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